When ideas just keep coming and these ideas keep floating away.

What happens in the middle is the snapshot, how good you are at capturing that moment, that concept, that idea.

From the mind of an imagineer, writing is by far the most stable source.

Wish it will become as easy as a click of a shutter, yet, the role of writers are much tougher at times. However when we think about the range of possibilities that can happen or occur with writing, maybe it does have some benefits.

Am a techie who loves the concept of sharing.

Where reinventing the wheel is a mere waste of resources.

A waste of man hours, imagine the people whom would be doing the exact same thing from scratch, be working on an advanced design. How about working on problems of the world that are as important! What a world that must be!

As a believer, I will automatically assume that to be the world.

If that world only consists of 1 person, I will be that person.

Though, there are so many people out there who are dedicating their lives for a greater meaning. If you are 1 of them, join me, for together, we will make the world better than ever.

Else, if you are a curious internet user, do stay, and let me know what will make you keep coming.. back 😉

I might be a crazy fool typing away, though there must be a dormant hippie character inside of you, the characters that come naturally to techies who are forced to think as logically as possible.

Do enjoy your stay now that you are here.

You are and will be my fuel to our engine.


*behind the computer here I am in fast forward >.<



With Love,

hippietechie ❤