Back after a hiatus

Give me a smile 🙂

Yes you.

You reading this.

Give me your widest, dorkiest, sexiest, most confident smile!

I am sure you can do better, come on now, your best ever grin from left ear to right ear.

Forget all that is around, just you and I.

Show me your smile from a mile away!



Now that I have your smile with me 😛

I can start a short rant of how I gained back this smile that was lost.

Big sigh as the memories recollect.

Truth be told, I fucking love greens.

Yes, greens, MJ, the plant of the universe.

Without them greens, life seemed a little constipated.

In a place where greens are illegal, for someone who appreciates greenery and devotes the beliefs and life’s passion towards, it is really really tough.


Maybe I have been too used to life in Mexico, having spent just 6 months living there, life was green and amazing.

Coming back to red hot and dry Singapore, life took a complete turn.

Slowly, my smile started to loose its way from my daily life.

Though after this loong break from doing nothing particularly spectacular, often filling my breaks with self defeatist thoughts from all around my imagination, something seemed to be simmering throughout the background.

Is it good?

Is it bad?

To be honest, I do not know.

Though now on hindsight, I choose to believe that it is for a sense of balance.


For any good, deserves any bad.

And this long break of voicelessness, shall compensate for a long stretch of voices.

As my silence showed me more about myself than I can ever imagine.

Is it age?

Is this maturity?

Is this puberty?

Am certain that we can list a whole darn list of reasons and excused.

Though whatever the cause is, truth be told, when it is time for change.

Our time is better spent on acting on change.

Acting on what we want to achieve.

What we want to be.

What our dreams currently are.

What we wish to show our children.

What we love to explore.

The questions we want to ask.

The people we want to love.

Time is but a notion.

This idea that can never be captured.

A moment that has no meaning.

Until we give it what it deserves.

Time belongs to nobody.

Yet time, my friends, belongs to us individually.

Before you slap me, think about it.

This simple post takes time to read.

You reading this, is time taken from you.

Though does your time belong to me?

The choice is yours.

What do you do?

Close this tab, play your favourite video game.

Close this tab, watch your current binge.

Close this tab, call your friends and share a bottle of wine?

Whatever we decide, the choice is ours.

I hope of course that you can try to complete this, and at the end of it, comment and share your thoughts.

For my time belongs to me.

And I have decided to be a hippietechie.

A techie who writes and connects with all.

Who codes and uses the internet to share my armchair thoughts.

I dream of a future where my house is open to all who are authentic.

A place where we can be ourselves, to the best of ourselves, to make and active decision to be one with ourself.

Maybe I will be too old by then.

Though fuck it.

Am just going to go for it.

It is my time, it is high time I maximise this precious juice.

Never going to look back.

Just am going to keep moving forward, to the best of me.

From today onwards, I will give all around me my brightest smile, because it is my time.

Would love to see you smile too 🙂



With ❤  



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