Summing up thus far, PLANS x-road 1

So we are done wireframing planning.

Now, we gotta get the web api out.

It is never ending, yes I know.

So we gotta perserevere!


Enjoi while we slog!

So here is the list of all the functions required from our wireframe. We will definitely miss out some, so let us try to get the main bulk first, and let me know in the comments if I have missed any! *these functions hints to the structure of our database attributes to facilitate efficient database i/o operations.

  1. Get user info
    – photo url
    – number
    – contact_list
  2. Get list of chats
    *chats should include
    – photo_url of user
    – name of user if private chat
    – name of group if group chat
    – new messages
    – last updated time
  3. Get user settings
  4. Get new messages for user


And not forgetting the services to be created. *these services hints as to the attributes required in our database.

  • Search through contact names (client)
  • Search through chats (client)
  • Click to start conversation with user (client)
  • Click to open group chat (client)
  • Click to upload photo (server)
  • Click to delete photo (server)
  • Click to upload contact list to user (server)
  • Click to edit name (server)
  • Click to edit notification settings (server)
  • Click to edit privacy settings (server)
  • Click to edit data storage settings (server)


These are the list of main functions to be created for us to get our minimum viable chat app out.

So with this, next we will start planning our database and web api accordingly to solve these major functions.

1 more drumstick for you 🙂

So, being the hippie that we are, we are broke and want to bootstrap for close to nothing.

After some sourcing with them hippie eyes, I have decided to test out







Going through the installation got me some big problems man, I took a long while to find the solutions and you can view the solutions to the problem if ya face something similar here bcrypt npm install problem.

Either way, finally done installing the rest package, and it is time to create them web api for the chat app!

So am gonna follow the instructions and attempt to create the the endpoints, firstly it will be the user endpoint, which will store the attributes of the user data model. Then will follow on to create the chat data model.

Time to get cracking!

Let me know if you face any issues! 🙂




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