So, you want to create a chat application?

What da fuck is going on.

Yes this, is me, trying to fucking code out a chat application.

Searching the depths of Google and trying out my best bet on the option that I thought will allow me riches and glory.


Not so fucking easy amigo.

Okay, maybe I just freaking suck. What ever.

In short, I really wanted a private chat app, 1 where I own my fucking messages and I know where they are going and how they are encrypted.

I tried and failed terribly. I mean I could pay 2,000 bucks for them to help me set it up, but I am too broke as fuck to even consider that viable.

So, now is my 2nd attempt.

Time to buck up and do a better freaking job.

Okay, so here I am, trying to write out my next attempt.

I figured, I really like to make things work, but I fucking suck when it means to make things work for myself. Soooooo, why not add some extra motivation by making it work for the entire ducking world!


A beginner’s take on creating a chat app from scratch.

Experts, please leave me alone..

I prefer the spoon feeding love in the air vibes.

So……. Without further ado and shitty gifs.

And failure from copying from others.

It is time to create a fucking chat app.

Hope you are in for the ride, and really wish that we can get lucky with this ticket paid by our time.


  • I want my chat app to be able to be used through platforms, mobile, iOS, android, web, you name it, we got it! (CROSS PLATFORM)
  • I want to own my own data and not worry if someone takes my data! (DATA OWNERSHIP)

Yup, not 4, not 3, just 2 simple requirements in 1 chat app.

More importantly, these requirements are shared in order to let you know and understand the decisions that we will take whilst creating the chat app.

For example, for the reason that we want our chat app to be cross platform, we got to find a efficient way to do things. Having studied so much in university, trying out a few apps here and there, it seems like having a centralised database will be the best approach.

One database that exposes a WEB API, which then can be consumed by native applications to create such an app.

Fucking amazing.

1 Database

1 Web API

Supports all the platforms that we want.

Problem with this?

Yes, there is a fucking problem. Each platform has to be updated and debugged separately. Talk about work load. This is 1 m*ther fucking chore.

At least, we gonna be smelling fucking good after.

Eyes on the prize at the end of the long haul mates!

Summarising thus far, we need 1 database, 1 web api.

Is it just that fucking simple? Who knows man, only time can tell, let Hippie Techie do the honour for you~

Thanks for reading!

Do send some love so I can use less vulgarities, my curses seem to be inversely proportionate to the amount of love I get.

You better thumbs this up, or I will not document the next step, which is how to create a that 1 database, 1 web api.

Till next times amigos~


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