Tasked to Code, Slave away Coder

Recently I have been tasked to code a chat app.

Mhmmmmmmm, where should I start? Probably every developer’s first question when served a plate of whoop ass.

Do I have mobile application development experience?
iOS – nope
Android – just 2 pet projects

In anycase, based on my infant knowledge and baby passion in development. It seems very likely that we will require a database, and from this database, we can create a restful web api service that plucks messages sent between users and in group chats.


  • User
    • ID
    • email
    • name
    • number
    • accepted_contacts (User_IDs)
    • requested_contacts (User_IDs)
    • chat_rooms
  • Chat Room
    • ID
    • User_ID [array]
    • name
    • time
  • Message
    • ChatRoom_ID
    • User_ID
    • message
    • time


This will probably be a simple database structure that takes 15 mins to think of, it seems like referencing Telegram’s app base structure is a whole waste of time and resource, it makes more sense to start from the start.

Tomorrow, I will research a little more on Firebase and implementation of Firebase, along side the possibility of using Visual Studio to complete 1 code base to create native apps on Android & iOS.

Am feeling sleepy, time for episode 20 of Detective Conan and sleep after! 😀

Good night folks.


With Love,




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