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Detective Conan recently captured my attention. Today I will declare the start of the beginning of a mini journey, one that is to my liking 🙂


Probably not for normal people as I am quite the oddball. Yes, I watch some anime, also known to be Japanese-influenced animation. For no good reason really, it always start as a want to find out why would people like these anime so much. Even non Japanese show fandom towards some anime, there must be something interesting about some of them. Hence, started my detective conan interest, 7th best manga selling novel as of today.

Today, on episode 17, starts of with a scene of stage play where a super hero called Yaiba struts his super powers in front of a crowd. Sort of like a seasonal play where an actor plays pretend to be a celebrity super hero, garnering cheers from the crowd.

Conan, the only one who sees Yaiba as is, shows a brief moment of grievances towards the make believe super hero. Wonder if the displeasure is from knowing that this super hero is a mere actor and not truly solving problems of the real world.

Yet, ironically, Conan himself acts in front of his detective team.

This anime is full of plot twists and digs deep into the psyche of an entirely logical person. There is a western made series that is somewhat similar, available on Netflix, Dirk Gently’s wholistic detective agency.

I enjoy both and maybe if detective stories are like yours, you might enjoy it too!

Shall not spoil it anymore, some shows are better left unexplained, till there is some interest, and should you want to dig deeper, there is so much to talk about!


Hippie Techie signing out~


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