Movie Review: Wonder Woman





Let’s dive right into this movie review!


Only in slow mo, we can see Diana aka Wonder Woman clearly following the trail of the ammo, exemplifying the speed of her attention and focus. While Steve’s (Chris Pine) gaze seemingly frozen unto Diana, as though within the span of the gunshot, that is all he can recognise. Reminding us of a slight past from the beginning of the movie, where General Antiope promised that she will train Diana such that she be 10x stronger, faster, smarter.


Whether her training truly did pay off never really mattered in the first place. For the strength of her beliefs were deep rooted, from the moment of adolescent, escaping the daily musings to watch the amazonesses train. Airboxing to the rhythm of the fighter.


Throughout the movie, we see Diane through many emotional scenes. From anger to love to frustration to joy to envy to awe to curiosity to the super rare condescending emotion. Did you catch more that I have missed out?

My personal favourite

Feels like Title: “I love you.”


Just fall for me Gal


And this is the curse of beauty, where everyone just wants you to be in their life, somehow or another, by hook or by crook, some do not bother, yet some stalk like a panther.


Wonder if anyone else feels this way.

So funny to have side tracked so much, I guess Wonder Woman has got me so mesmerised that there is no way I am ever going to give this movie a less than perfect score.


Gal Gadot, you go gal, and every other girl who looks up to wonder woman, kudos to you girls too!

I think I am in love…


Guys, Chris Pine, Wonder Woman’s crush and soulmate is 1 fine young lad as well.


Sorry guys, but this movie review got cut short into a Gal Gadot bewitched moment, be afraid be very afraid, it might just be impossible to escape the grasp of Gal Gadot.

I recommend it, and advise against it the faint hearted. For you might end up like me and become besotted by this angel.

So stay strong and watch Wonder Woman.


wonder woman


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