Hello World!

Hello World!

Again, I just had to do it. I will try to keep this to a minimum, though I really do enjoy embarking on new experiences. Probably marks the joy of development, for every new technology one attempts to delve into, is an entire universe on its own. Again, welcome to you my dear reader, I will try to keep it concise and attempt to distill the goal of this platform.


Today, I am welcoming myself to the world of blogging, to be part of the people whom share their experiences through writing. For it is through communication, that people can stand on each others’ shoulders. Having stood on countless of shoulders, mostly giants and many times people whom have touched me in my lives, it is time to give back.


It seems like an uphill battle, the world of development has and is and will always be one with bountiful oasis which ends up as a thick cloud of sand and smoke as we get closer. Though I hope that on this journey of self discovery, I can meet alongside trustworthy companions, if not enlightened advisers whom whisper notes of gold. The road will be tough so bear with me and join me if you please.

There is so many things to do, so much to share, though most importantly is that we all shall start of on the same page. Probably the most important outcome of this blog, is to share with you, some of the reasons for doing the things that are done. It could be because of self righteous legacy craving form narcissism, or it could be a self proclaimed form of altruism, or it could be a flailing action to want to show some care and concern and reach out to the people whom I feel desperately need some honest help. Nonetheless, this blog will attempt to reason out the adventures that I go on, such that if ever you should go on such a treacherous journey by yourself, at the very least, you will stumble upon an old dusty notebook, filled with raw honest writings and feelings for you to level up from, by it in wisdom or in experience whichever you derive pleasure from.


So hippie techies all around the world unite together, wherever you may be, in spirit or through binary, here I present to you your traveler’s notebook and a big warm hippie hug ~


With Love,



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